Yamagata Univercity

Yonezawa Conference 2014

Superconducting Electronics, Materials and Physics

October 13 - October 17, 2014

Hosted by the Yamagata University, Japan

Conference Chairs

Shigetoshi Ohshima, Yamagata University, Japan


Welcome to Yonezawa Conference

 - YC-SEMP2014 -

 On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome you to “Second Yonezawa Conference: Superconducting Electronics, Materials and Physics (YC-SEMP2014), to be held at Yamagata University, Yonezawa Campus on October 13th to 17th, 2014. This year’s YC-SEMP is Prof. Ohshima’s retirement commemoration conference. Therefore, we wish to cordially invite researchers and friends who have worked with Prof. Ohshima in the past and at the same time introduce new researchers to the conference, establishing new and lasting collaborations and friendships.
 We hope that you had a good trip, and wish you all a very enjoyable visit to Yonezawa and Tohoku area in JAPAN. 
 Should you have any questions or comments concerning the conference, please to do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We hope that this conference will be beneficial to everyone involved and are greatly looking forward to seeing you in Yonezawa this fall.

Symposium Chair
Shigetoshi Ohshima
Yamagata University, Japan


 Symposium Chair: Shigetoshi Ohshima, Yamagata University, Japan.
 Program Chair: Kensuke Nakajima, Yamagata University, Japan. 
 Secretary General: Atsushi Saito, Hironobu Yamada, Yuzuru Narita
             Yamagata University, Japan.

Invited speakers

 C. K. Ong (National Singapore University, Singapore)
 BS. Cao (Tsinghua University, China)
 H-J. Lee ( Pohan University of Science and Technology, Korea)
 J. Chen (Nanjing University, China)

 H-E Horng (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)
 S.Y. Lee (Konkuk University, Korea)
 A. Degardin (UPMC Sorbonne University, France)
 A. Kreisler (UPMC Sorbonne University, France)
 T. Yamashita (Tohoku Univ. and Nagaoka Univ. of Technology, Japan)

 A. Fujimaki (Nagoya University, Japan)
 M. Tonouchi (Osaka University, Japan)
 K. Tsukada (Okayama University, Japan)

 S. Tanaka1 (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
 M. Kusunoki (Kinki University, Japan)

 H. Maeda (Riken, Japan)
 K. Nemoto and T. Iwai (Yamagata University, Japan)
 C. Otani (Riken Japan)
 T. Tachiki ( National Defense Academy of Japan)

 T. Akao (Tottori University, Japan)
 N. Sekiya (Yamanashi University, Japan)

 S. Ariyoshi(Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
 M. Miura (Seikei University, Japan)
 D. Okai (University of Hyogo, Japan)
 H. Yamada (Yamagata University, Japan)


  Abstract submission dead line : 15th September, 2014
  Template of abstract : Download here

Location of Yonezawa

Conference schedule

   Technical program : Click here

Registration fees
   Regular Participants :    20,000 Yen
    Accompanying persons :   10,000 Yen
 (Registration fees include welcome wine and hors d'oeuvre, Buffet lunch (day 1 and day 2), Banquet
    Dinner, and drink and foods at poster session)

    Student :    2,000yen
     (Registration fees include buffet lunch (day 1 and day 2), and drink and foods at poster session)
      Student participants who wish to attend the Banquet Dinner should pay 5,000 yen at the registration

Technical tour fees     
   Regular Participant :    10,000 Yen
   Accompanying persons :   5000Yen

  Bank name: Yamagata Bank  Branch nameYonezawaminami
      Tel : +81 238-216202
     Account number382108
  Account Holder NameYCSEMP2014 Representative Shigetoshi Ohshima

Hotel reservations
   1. Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Yonezawa
       TEL: +81-238-24-0411
       Charge: 8,400 JPY/night ~ (without meal)
       Online booking: available (http://www.tdh-yonezawa.com/)
      Distance from Yamagata University: ~ 1.5 km

   2. Hotel Benex Yonezawa
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Sponsored by,
 Yamagata University,
 JSAP Tohoku Branch,
 Yonezawa City,
 Yonezawa Kogyokai,